I’ve been interested in cameras from a very young age, I think I was about 7 years old when I bought a very old box camera from a jumble sale with my pocket money. I don’t even know if it was in working order because I didn’t get around to saving enough money to buy a film to put in it. But I do remember having fun running around clicking away pretending I was taking photographs. In my teenage years my mother bought me a Kodak Instamatic and that’s when I started taking photographs for real, although I soon got bored because it was just a “point and shoot” camera.

In my 20’s I bought a Zenit – 15 TTL SLR with a 50mm prime lens and a couple of zoom lenses and that’s when I really started learning about photography, now having the ability to change shutter speeds and apertures. I even experimented with different makes of film in various ISO speeds. I also got into black and white film and had a bash at developing my own film and printing photographs.

After learning about photography with my trusty old Zenit I moved on to Pentax as my brand of choice for SLR cameras. My first Pentax was an SF7 which I eventually traded in for an SFX, then I bought an SFXn (I still have these two camera bodies, although I haven’t used either for years).

From my late teenage years to the present day I’ve sung in a few bands, in my thirties I got more into the music, and with my job as a Precision Engineer so my photography took a back seat. I still enjoyed going to the odd Photographic Exhibition now and then because I’ve always enjoyed looking at other people’s work. Having my photograph taken hundreds of times while singing in various bands over the years got me thinking that I’d like to start photographing bands myself. And so I did.

Now equipped with three DSLR’s, a K-10, K-7 and a K-3 (all Pentax) I take a camera to as many local gigs as possible. I usually favour the K-3 because I can push the ISO up to 52000 meaning I can take photographs in reasonably low lighting conditions without using a flash. Using a flash can be quite distracting (sometimes annoying) for the people on stage, and for people in the audience too.

In the last year I have spent a lot of my spare time photographing a band called The Weird Things (click here for The Weird Things website). I joined them on their first day in Panther Sudios (click here for Panther Studios website), and on two other days later on in the recording of their debut album “Ten Digit Freak.” I have also taken some promotional photographs for them and more recently I’ve been photographing their live performances.

“Ten Digit Freak” is now available to buy through The Weird Things website. Some of my photographs are featured on the cover and inner sleeve of the vinyl and CD versions.

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