I was thinking about going back to Venice next year for a bit of photography but going by all the photos I’ve seen this year of all the flooding there it might not be a good idea. I have seen that they’ve now got a flood barrier that should protect Venice in the event of a 10 foot rise in the water level though.

I’m now thinking of somewhere like Prague, maybe that’s an option?

Although I’m still tempted by New Zealand.


Forget about those photographs that you can buy from places like IKEA, too many people already have them in their home.

Now you can buy some of my photographs to adorn any wall in your home, even the toilet. Buy something a little more original, maybe not so iconic but at least not everyone in your street will have the same photograph.

23/09/2020 COVID-19 photos update

I was hoping to have posted some Covid-19 lockdown themed street photography before now but it didn’t really go to plan. Doing street photography in somewhere like London is ok, the people are used to seeing cameras pointing all over the place and know that they are probably going to be featured in another person’s photographs. I’m not really a regular street photographer, but every now and then I like to have another go at it because I do enjoy it. Anyway, because of the lockdown, I decided not to use public transport and stay in my local area. That’s where it all went wrong. I took a few photos, mostly average and not worth sharing, but I took a couple of photos that I was looking forward to seeing on my laptop when I returned home. Unfortunately the subjects of these photos weren’t happy about being in the pictures and I was asked to delete them. I was polite in answering and hoped to change their mind but to no avail and photos were deleted. I just wanted to have a photographic record of these strange times. I haven’t given up yet, I will definitely get out there and try again. After all photography helps show historical events.

I’m also just starting to use “back button focus” and need to get some practice so that I can get used to it. I understand the advantages of focusing in this way so it will be good to get to the point where I am doing it naturally rather than going to half press the shutter release button first.

06/08/2019 New Facebook page

I now have a Facebook page just for my photography, although this will also include photos taken on my phone. The page can be found here

This website will stay dedicated to SLR photography only.


Some of my photography has been used as part of the artwork for the debut album “Ten Digit Freak” by The Weird Things and also part of the artwork for the “Best Of” album from King Salami & The Cumberland 3. Also another one of my photographs has been used for the brand new forthcoming album by King Salami & The Cumberland 3.


I’ve still got to post some of my street photography photos, I’ve been busy experimenting with different settings for my live music photography. I’ve been using my Pentax K-70 and a 35mm prime lens mostly, although I still love using the Pentax K-3. I used to use TaV mode a lot. This mode is great for live music photography, just set the shutter speed and aperture value and let the camera take care of the ISO, especially useful with the constant changes in stage lighting. More recently I’ve been using full Manual mode. I haven’t quite quite as much success with the exposure as before but it’s been interesting. I have learnt that I should perhaps make more use of the histogram on the camera.


Some street photography photos coming soon. I’m quite happy with what I’ve done so far. This was a new experience for me and a bit out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed it. Something I must do more often.


I started a course in street photography this morning (something I’ve never tried). Hopefully I’ll get some good enough photos to add to this website soon.


I’ve just got back from my latest photo shoot with The Weird Things. This time I also took photos of Billie Fox. Over 1000 photos taken in 5 hours.


I’ve just found out that my website menus don’t work on tablets in landscape orientation. I’ll work on this as soon as I can in the new year but for now you should view it in portrait orientation. Happy new year to you all.


Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any photos of the UK Subs because I left my camera in the dressing room, which was locked while they were onstage. Anyway, what else has been happening?

A couple of my photographs of The Weird Things have appeared in the December issue of a magazine called Vive Le Rock. Apparently I haven’t actually been credited for these photos (even though I was credited by the band as the photographer) which is extremely annoying but at least they’ve been printed for more people to see (although that still doesn’t help me. Grrr! Angry face).


I’ve started photographing The Weird Things recording their new album. A selection of my favourites will appear on the website once the recording sessions are finished. I’ve also just added some shots of Johnny Moped and Ed Tudor Pole to the Photos page.


The band I sing with, 53RD & 3RD (London’s finest Ramones tribute) will be supporting the UK Subs for one night of their 40th anniversary tour. As it’s also a celebration night for my sister’s 50th birthday I’m hoping to stay sober enough to get some decent photos. The gig is on December 17th, so hopefully they’ll be something from the night shortly after that.


I went to photograph The Weird Things at Panther Studios today while they started recording the follow up to their debut album Ten Digit Freak. Photos soon.

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